"I really like your songs" Jules Shear

"Greg Englesson has one of those full-bodied, rock and roll voices that blows you away! You know the kind. The kind that could sing the phone book and make you pay attention"
          Ellen Geisel (Buzz Reviews)

"You're Bad Ass" Lara Hope

“Sure did like it! This is very good for your country”
          Lord Litter

“I loved it ! Very funny, tongue-in-cheek”
          Micheal Espisito (of The Blues Magoos)

"Greg Englesson is a high energized performer whose music borders
on funky roots with a political twist.  His acoustic performance is both
entertaining and thought provoking. Each song leads the listener down a path
of comical, lyrical, and original self-expressive sketches of real life.
The CD Mr. E Demystified is a unique and necessary addition to one's collection."
          Sharon Panaro  (Host/Scene Unseen 91.3FM WVKR)

"I finally played you on my show. I liked your stuff and will play it again. Good music."
           Steve Krinsky (WFMU)

“It’s great! Amazing Energy. I really enjoyed your set, so free & inspiring.”
          Erica Quitzow  (of Quitzow & Setting Sun)

“I don’t know what the hell your doing but keep on doing it ! I like it!.
          Earl Bennett (the late great bluesman)

"I love the way you put it out there."
          John Herald

“I am impressed with the comedic cleverness of Mr. E and with his method of
communicating his message, but I felt cheated because I was not at his live show”
          Denise Squier (from review at Indie-Music.com)

“In a recent radio interview Mr. E talked about his earlier days playing CBGB’s,
thus allowing us to attempt to characterize his sound as Clever Punk Country.
Catch his incisive yodeling rock. Listen to “Tax the Rich” his novel proposal,
where you’ll have to listen to believe how many syllables he milks out of the word “rich”.          

“It rocks! It was good to hear ”Disney’s on Ice” and “Tax the Rich” again,
but my favorite songs were some of the newer ones-”Lying in a Field,”
“Mother Earth,” “Let the Angels Rain,” and 'This Ain’t the Way.” Those are
beautiful, emotionally powerful pieces of music, and your voice has never sounded better.” 
          Ken Miller (writer & former editor at Rolling Stone)

"I enjoyed your songs and I agree that the ones you recommended are the most appropriate for the Jam, though "Shove It" and "Last Phone Call" might go over well, too.  My problem is that I'm not sure if my audience is hip enough to enjoy your Fred Schneider-meets-Chris Isaak style.  If you think you can fit your style into our format, I'll give you a spot. Keep on rockin'"
           Steve Massardo (John St. Jam)

Over a thick wang-dangling acoustic guitar, Mr. E (aka Greg Englesson) enters whistling before kicking into an Elvis goof, exhibiting a proclivity for rockabilly yawp. Bo Diddley and Johnny Paycheck get quoted, trombones and electric pianos pop in and out; well, danged if it isn't Dean Jones again: producing, recording, drumming.
It's a well-meaning project. 
           Roll (quick pick 4)

Cool songs. You got a great voice. Might I hear a little Leon-Thomas-yodeling?